Penning the Community Together: Join the NewsBreak Contributor Program & Make an Impact

Penning the Community Together: Join the NewsBreak Contributor Program & Make an Impact
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NewsBreak's Contributor Program offers a unique platform for writers and journalists to engage their audience and build a following of engaged followers.

Whether you are a professional journalist or an aspiring writer, the Contributor Program provides an opportunity to create inspiring and informational content that captivates and informs your audience.

By sharing local news, events, and perspectives, the Contributor Program empowers writers and journalists to connect with their communities in a meaningful way.

Whether you want to share your passion for music, report on local government, or uncover hidden neighborhood gems, the Contributor Program provides the tools and resources you need to bring your stories to life.

Safeguarding Stories for a Vibrant & Connected Community

The NewsBreak Contributor Program is a dynamic initiative to enhance individuals' quality of life by promoting safety, vitality, and connection.

This program is driven by a powerful mission to enable storytellers to share their authentic and insightful stories with the world.

By providing a platform for writers and journalists to publish their work and connect with others, NewsBreak is revolutionizing the way we interact and engage with the world.

For those looking to enhance their writing and journalism skills, the Contributor Program offers a supportive and nurturing environment where they can grow, develop and refine their craft.

Whether you are an experienced journalist with a wealth of knowledge and expertise or just starting in the field, this program provides ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

With a global audience, the Contributor Program gives writers the power to make a real impact and share their stories with people worldwide.

Building a Strong Contributor Community at NewsBreak

NewsBreak, a platform that empowers storytellers to share their authentic stories with the world, values building a supportive and professional contributor community.

They have outlined guidelines to help foster a positive and productive environment for all members:

  • "Be Kind" is NewsBreak's Contributor Community Values' first principle. They expect all interactions to be led with kindness, helpfulness, and good intent. Bullying of any kind is not allowed.
  • "Keep it Professional" is the second principle. NewsBreak treats the Contributor Network as a professional space and requires all members to align with sensible business conduct. Members are expected to have a solid understanding of NewsBreak's policies and abide by them at all times.
  • "Grow Together" is the third principle. NewsBreak believes that contributors are central to their mission and that they all succeed together. They empower one another and are committed to learning, growing, and sharing together to help everyone everywhere live safer, more vibrant, and more truly connected lives.

NewsBreak invites approved contributors to join a dedicated community space hosted on Circle. All contributors are expected to uphold the Community Values and Guidelines within the forum.

If a post or comment is not in compliance, members can report it to the NewsBreak Community team.

NewsBreak also regularly hosts virtual events for its contributors. These events are designed to help contributors learn, grow, and connect and share feedback respectfully with the team.

When RSVPing to an event, members agree to abide by the rules and participation guidelines in the event description.

Moderating comments is another vital aspect of being a NewsBreak contributor. Members are expected to engage thoughtfully with the audience and utilize the resources available to moderate comments in the manner they see fit.

In other NewsBreak forums, members are expected to engage professionally and kindly, and the NewsBreak team will do the same in return.

Feedback and criticism are welcome, but offensive or derogatory language and harassment of team members are not tolerated.

NewsBreak is committed to enforcing its Contributor Community Guidelines fairly and transparently.

They reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts or remove content for any reason at any time if a contributor's behavior harms their users, community, employees, or ecosystem.

Attempting to evade suspension or termination by creating new accounts will also result in the termination of those accounts.

Get Your Facts Straight: The Nitty-Gritty of Contributing to NewsBreak

NewsBreak has a current Contributor Content Requirement for all contributors. The guidelines aim to provide contributors with the best possible experience and ensure high-quality content is published on the platform:

  • To start, every article must be at least 250 words and include at least one image relevant to the content.
  • It's important to note that all multimedia must be owned by the contributor or has obtained permission for use, and every image must include credit to the source.
  • Additionally, all articles must have a factually-correct headline and be free of distracting formatting, grammatical, and spelling errors.
  • For video content, NewsBreak requires all videos to be between 30 seconds and 30 minutes in length, with a recommended duration of one to six minutes.
  • All videos must include a relevant headline and description and be uploaded in a supported format and size (no more than 4 GB).
  • Every video must also have a thumbnail image, sound, and a minimum resolution of 360p, with the best practice being 720p or 1080p.

It's clear that NewsBreak takes the quality of its content seriously and is dedicated to providing its contributors with the best possible experience. By following these guidelines, contributors can ensure their content meets the platform's high standards and is seen by a broad audience.

Words That Won't Lead You Astray-A Place for Trustworthy Information

NewsBreak is a unique platform where individuals engage with local information and share their thoughts.

With its commitment to high editorial standards, NewsBreak aims to provide a safe and trustworthy environment for its community. The platform is held to strict principles that promote authenticity and fairness.

At the heart of NewsBreak's mission is the principle of accuracy. NewsBreak recognizes that credible information is the cornerstone of a healthy community, and it takes the accuracy of its content very seriously.

To ensure that community members can rely on the information they see on NewsBreak, the platform prohibits the publication of rumors, gossip, or unverified information.

This applies to all formats, including written, video, audio, and still imagery.

Transparency is another critical principle for NewsBreak. The platform is committed to integrity and expects its partners and publishers to provide transparent information about who controls, owns, or offers significant funding for their operations.

Additionally, NewsBreak requires outlets and individuals to retain editorial independence so that owners or funders do not influence the information they provide. This helps to build trust between NewsBreak and its community.

NewsBreak is also dedicated to accountability, both for its platform and for its users. It expects publishers, contributors, community organizations, and all users to be responsible for the information they publish.

This includes what they re-publish, aggregate, quote, or embed. Additionally, NewsBreak expects publishers, contributors, and community organizations not to provide information without proper expertise and to label opinions clearly.

Diversity and fairness are also integral to NewsBreak's mission. The platform highlights diverse voices, opinions, and sources and prioritizes content that presents all sides of a story and provides the necessary context.

NewsBreak supports healthy debate within its community but expects its contributors and partners not to draw false moral equivalencies. Editorial opinion pieces are expected to be rooted in fact, clearly labeled, and not intended to cause harm.

Finally, NewsBreak promotes safe and respectful discourse within its community. It prohibits hate speech, harassment, and discriminatory, defamation, or derogatory language.

This includes behavior that incites violence, discrimination, or harassment against individuals or groups based on race, ethnicity, age, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or another protected status. NewsBreak seeks to minimize harm to its community by promoting inclusiveness and a sense of belonging.

Writing off

The NewsBreak Contributor Program is more than just a platform for sharing stories.

It is a community of passionate storytellers working together to connect communities, inform and engage their audiences, and bring about positive change in the world.

Join the NewsBreak Contributor Program today and unleash your storytelling potential! Whether you're a local voice or a seasoned journalist, we've got the resources you need to share your unique stories and make a lasting impact. So what are you waiting for? It's free to Join!

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